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Spongebobb with glasses: How one young man became the most successful designer in fashion history

Spongebobb with glasses: How one young man became the most successful designer in fashion history

A group of young men in the Philippines have turned to fashion and the internet for inspiration.

For years, designer Dali’s designs have been synonymous with the high street.

He is the subject of numerous fashion campaigns, and he remains a household name in many countries, particularly in the West.

In the Philippines, he is credited with the birth of the country’s modernist style, a trend which has seen his signature products, such as the Dali Sponges, take off in the last few years.

But this year, the young designer has taken a different approach.

He has taken to the internet to create a new line of shoes, which he says he is calling “Spongebobs.”

The shoes are inspired by the designs of his childhood, which featured his trademark green and white spongebob.

The shoes range from a basic green, white and black model to an embellished blue and red one, as well as the blue and black version with an orange and green base.

The designs were inspired by his father, who was a spongebobb and he would often take his children to his mother’s spongebobs shop in the middle of the street.

Dali himself is the inspiration behind the shoes, and his inspiration came from his mother, who wore her mother’s white sponge bobs to school and when she visited her grandmother.

The designer, who is known for his intricate, often quirky and colorful designs, is now taking his shoes off the street in the country that has one of the world’s most populous Muslim populations.

He said that he had originally created the designs for his own personal use, but they were popular among Filipinos after being featured on television.

He was inspired to create the Spongebobs after watching a television documentary about his father’s sponge bobbys.

“My father would sell the spongebobby to a friend who would bring the sponge to my house, and I would collect it, so I could show it to my parents and my grandmother,” Dali said in a video uploaded on his Instagram account.

“I thought that I wanted to bring the SpongeBob collection to a different country, because I want to bring my style to a new generation of Filipinos.”

Dali said he has been inspired by people’s “unbridled creativity” and the “lack of social awareness,” which has led to a culture of “unrealistic expectations.”

He said the SpongeBobs are designed with the intention of raising awareness of the importance of wearing the right shoes, but also of showing Filipinos that there is “something that is real” about wearing a sponge.

The Spongebob is currently available in a range of colors and patterns, from the classic green to the bold red, and will be available for purchase at select boutiques in Manila and other markets around the country in the coming months.

“It’s a tribute to the sponge,” DALI said.

“The SpongeBob is a statement.

A statement about a very real life experience.”

The SpongeBob line was created in collaboration with Philippine artist and designer Eileen Risler, who has also created a range for the brand.

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