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What you need to know about color blind glasses

What you need to know about color blind glasses

People with color blindness or vision impairment may be able to use glasses made of glass straw or water.

Glass straws can be bought at most stores, and are often used in combination with a color-blind tinted eyeglasses, said Dr. David McEwan, a professor of otolaryngology and head of the otological department at the University of Chicago.

The glasses have a glass base that makes it easier to hold the glasses on your head.

They have an adhesive on the top that keeps the straw from sliding off when you drop them, McEwans said.

They’re often sold in color-coding stickers.

A sticker with a blue “D” in the middle means the straw is colored red.

They’re also used to indicate that the glasses are color blind.

You don’t have to use them for color vision because the glasses will block the color vision.

Glass straws come in various sizes and colors, and some come with special stickers.

You can also buy a straw with an eye patch, which will make it easier for the person with color vision to see if the straw isn’t helping.

People with colorblindness can use glasses that are tinted blue or red, McElwans told ABC News.

The tinted lenses give the glasses a more intense blue-green color.

Some people may see the tinted glasses as a form of “glasses blind,” he said.

People who have trouble seeing color can use colored glasses made with red and blue glass.

A colored straw is easier to wear than the white straw.

They don’t help with color blindness.

You can buy a colored straw from a store or online, McEllan said.

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