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How to make glasses with 3D printing technology

How to make glasses with 3D printing technology

The first batch of 3D glasses from 3D Systems Inc. have been launched and they’re being sold on eBay for $1,499.

That’s $800 less than what the company expects the price to be at the end of the month.3D Systems, a maker of high-tech glasses and technology products for the healthcare industry, is selling the glasses at the same time as it announces a new technology called 3D-printing technology.

The company has created a prototype for the first batch that’s about 10 feet long.

Its design uses a laser that can print thin metal strands, which are then attached to a polymer.

The 3D printer then produces a metal strand in a desired shape.

The device can be used to create 3D prints for any material.3DS Systems Inc., which was founded in 2015 by former Samsung Electronics Co. executives Lee Ji-hyeon and Dong-ho Lee, says its glasses could be printed on any material, including plastics, glass and metal.

The glasses have already been tested and have been approved by the FDA, according to 3D Labs.

The company says the glasses are made with a polymer, not an alloy.

3D Glass is a new product from 3DS Systems that has a high-density printing technology that allows it to print a large number of small layers in a short period of time.3Ds glasses, which use a laser to print thin glass fibers, are designed to help people wear glasses without glasses needing to be taken off.

They are used by healthcare professionals and researchers to study eye movements and to assist people in reading, watching and hearing, according the company.

3Ds glasses can be printed using a standard inkjet printer, which means it takes only a few hours to print out a layer of the glasses.

The glasses are expected to be sold at the beginning of the year.

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