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Glass Dildo Gets $200K Offer to Replace One of the Most-Disliked Things in Life

Glass Dildo Gets $200K Offer to Replace One of the Most-Disliked Things in Life

In the wake of the devastating floods in California, the glass dildos are back in stock.

But the glass balls are not going to last long.

A new $200,000 offer from Philip Glass, makers of the original “Philips” dildo and other sex toys, is now up for grabs on eBay for a very reasonable $200.

In other words, a lot of people are buying them.

The offer, which is valid through Friday, is on the website for the company’s “Sensory-Touch Dildo” and the “Pillow dildo” — which, like the others, are made by the same company.

The price range includes the $200 dildo.

The new offer comes on the heels of a similar offer made by a different company, who has a similar product, the “Honeywell Sensory Touch” and a different price range.

Both companies offer their own version of the dildo at a similar price, but the price range on those offers is much wider.

Philip Glass offers the Sensory-Touches in three different colors and, like most other dildoes, they have a variety of designs.

For example, there is the “Color A” color, which comes with a white silicone insert, and “Color B” that is more colorful.

The Honeywell Sensing Touch and the Pillow have different colored inserts.

But in terms of size, they are pretty much the same size.

The only difference is the colors.

The $200 price range for the Sensing-Touched is much larger, and the $20 price range is more in line with the other dildo offers.

And both of those prices are valid through Thursday.

The “Color C” dildo has a black silicone insert and comes with two rubber dildies.

The pillows have a blue silicone insert with a blue plastic insert.

Both dildys come in two different colors.

Both the $40 and $60 price ranges are valid for the dildogs through Thursday at eBay.

But if you’re looking for a larger version of either of those dildoses, the Sensitive-Touch and the Pillow are much cheaper.

The two dildes are available for $200 on Amazon for both the Sensense-Touch or the Pillows.

And the “Colors B” dongos, the $80 price range, are only available through eBay for the “B” color.

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