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How glasses are changing the way we see the world

How glasses are changing the way we see the world

Glasses are changing how we see what is real and what is fake, making us better judges of reality and the world around us, according to a pair of Israeli researchers.

They believe the glasses could be a crucial part of our understanding of the world, not only in war but also in everyday life.

“We are talking about the emergence of the ‘real’ world,” said Dr. Eytan Dror, an assistant professor of neuroscience at Tel Aviv University.

“Our job is to understand how this is happening and what it means for us as individuals and for the whole world.”

Dror, along with his research team, published a paper in the journal Science in December detailing their work.

“The idea is that glasses, like computers, have the ability to make us more aware and attentive to the world,” he said.

“When we wear glasses, we see a lot more than when we are looking at the same object from a distance.”

In a study that examined the perception of a virtual object and its relationship to other objects, Dror and his team found that glasses have the same effect as computers, making them more effective at perceiving information than the more familiar real world.

“We tested the effect of viewing virtual objects in pairs and found that a single pair of glasses significantly improved our perception of the virtual objects,” Dror said.

The researchers used a simple method to determine how glasses worked.

“If we look at a virtual computer, we should not be able to see the information in the image on the screen,” Dor said.

However, they found that we could.

“The information that we were looking for is hidden from us,” he explained.

“This is why we use a pair to study the effect that two glasses had on our perception.”

According to Dror’s study, when people were presented with two different images, the more-common information that they were looking at was presented on the left and the more common information on the right.

The more-credible information was presented to the left.

When people saw the more credible information, they rated it higher than the less-cutable information.

When people viewed two different pictures in pairs, their ratings of information were correlated with the more trustworthy information.

Dror explained that this suggests that the glasses have a kind of visual processing that helps us to see information differently.

“When we look in two directions, we have a higher resolution, a greater ability to see a smaller part of the image, so it looks more interesting and more important,” Dora said.

In addition to glasses, Dora and his colleagues have found that the eyes of the subjects were used to distinguish between the more important information and less important information.

For example, they used a technique called “sensory discrimination” to find information.

This involves the human eye’s ability to detect differences in a visual stimulus.

When the researchers tested how subjects perceived the information presented in the two pairs of glasses, they discovered that when they were shown the information on a side of the screen that was more credible, they were more likely to say that it was real than the information that was less credible.

“This means that we can distinguish between what is more important and what we are not paying attention to,” Doria said.

Dror said the results showed that the information was real.

“There are a lot of reasons why we perceive information differently than other people,” he added.

“A person who is not looking at something from a certain angle will be unable to perceive the information correctly.

In our experiments, we showed that we are able to discriminate between different kinds of information.”

According the study, the glasses, which are worn on the upper face, reduce eye strain.

“There is evidence that the effect we see in the real world is caused by the fact that the lenses are not very big and they do not obstruct the vision,” Dorah added.

“As we wear the glasses we need to focus our attention on other things, so the glasses also help us to concentrate on other important things, like how we will survive and what will happen to us in the future.”

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