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Why men are wearing glasses to look like women

Why men are wearing glasses to look like women

Glasses are an increasingly important part of the gender pay gap, with the average female earning a mere $3,000 more per year than a man, according to a report released today.

Glasses also have a significant role in promoting women’s work and life choices, according the Women’s Work Group report.

Glasses also contribute to the gender wage gap in the workforce, according with a study from the University of Queensland.

Glass was identified as a “disparity” because it is the most common form of female-focused workplace attire in the United States, according data from the Department of Labor.

The survey, which looked at Glass in the workplace and in retail, found that women made up 43% of the workforce but accounted for only 27% of Glass sales.

In Australia, the gender gap in Glass sales was even more pronounced, with women making up only 20% of sales but earning 62% of those who purchased the glasses.

Glass has long been a source of debate, with many people arguing that it is an unfair advantage women often take for granted in the corporate world.

However, the survey found women were actually the main beneficiaries of Glass, with a larger proportion of women purchasing Glass than men.

Women were the main consumers of the glasses, accounting for 74% of all Glass sales, compared to only 26% for men.

The average price of Glass is $4,700, compared with $3 the average price for men, the report said.

The study also found that men are more likely to buy a Glass from a retailer that carries the name “Men’s Wearhouse”, which was followed by men who bought a “Men” brand brand, the Women of the Year brand and the “Men-focused” brand.

In a statement, Men’s Wearhouses CEO John Pritchard said the group was “pleased” with the study, saying the group “stands by our strong stance on Glass and is confident that this new data will contribute to reducing the gender-based pay gap in Australian retail”.

“We are proud to be a leading Glass seller and are currently working with other brands on our partnership strategy to ensure Glass is a positive choice for our retail partners,” he said.

“The Men’swear brand is a leading retailer of the Men’s range of glasses and we will continue to offer the Men range of Men-focused glasses and accessories at unbeatable prices.”

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