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Google Glass: Mygrant’s latest project gets an anime glass display

Google Glass: Mygrant’s latest project gets an anime glass display

Mygrants Glass, a developer of Glassware, has released an update to its Glass display.

The new display has the ability to overlay animated images or text onto your desktop, while being fully customizable.

This will allow users to display images from YouTube videos, social media, and other sources, while also providing an interactive overlay of text.

This is the first time Mygrans Glass display has been able to do this.

It is designed to be able to overlay text over animated images in addition to images themselves.

The update also includes a few more fixes to improve performance.

The latest version of Glass 10.2 now works with Windows 10 Mobile 8.1.

The new Glass display is also the first device that Mygr Grants Glass has shipped with a touchscreen.

Previously, it had a touchpad on the front of the device.

The touchpad is not a new feature for Glass, but this is the only display that works with it.

The Glass display now comes with an app to interact with it and the new app lets users see a preview of what their Glass display will look like when it’s fully installed.

This allows users to choose whether they want to display an overlay of an image or text or a plain overlay.

Users can also customize the display to their liking by choosing which images they want and which text they want.

The updated Glass display supports a new setting called “text overlay”.

When the user chooses text overlay, the image overlay on the right side of the screen changes to match the text.

This means that the image on the left side of your Glass display automatically appears above or beneath the text displayed on the display.

As with other new Glassware features, it’s not possible to customize the text on the new display just yet.

Users who have purchased Mygrands new display can now try it out for themselves.

You can find the updated Glass screen at the link below.

If you’d like to read more about Mygrances latest project, head over to the company’s blog for the details.

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