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How to wear sunglasses when you ride a bike

How to wear sunglasses when you ride a bike

Bicyclists can wear sunglasses, a round glass and a helmet when they ride in a car.

The practice is standard practice in many European countries and has been around for decades.

But with new regulations coming in for some cities, the practice is now considered outdated, and cyclists in some U.S. states are considering getting rid of the practice altogether.

A recent survey by the American Cyclists Association showed that 58 percent of respondents said they don’t wear sunglasses on a bicycle.

That’s a slight increase from the 44 percent who said that in the same survey last year.

But if you’re in the car and you need to wear your glasses while riding a bike, there are some easy tips.

It’s important to take a good look at the road, the bike and the other road users around you, says Dr. Daniel Sirota, a pediatrics researcher at Johns Hopkins University who has studied the effects of wearing glasses on riders.

If you’re riding a bicycle on a long, narrow, winding road, you might want to take extra precautions, he says.

“It’s like wearing a face mask or goggles when you’re walking on the street.”

If you need extra protection, wearing a head covering, like a helmet, is probably better than wearing sunglasses, Sirotas says.

There’s also a little bit of a tradeoff between wearing sunglasses and wearing goggles.

You can get better visibility if you wear sunglasses but it can be a bit annoying to look at other people’s eyes when you look through them.

If goggles are more important, though, it’s probably best to wear them in places where the sun is directly overhead, such as at a crowded train station or on a bridge, he said.

“In those situations you’re not looking through the window and you’re more likely to get your eye shot, which will give you a better view of the road,” he said, adding that if you need a helmet and it’s a bit of hassle to wear one, wearing sunglasses could also be a good option.

You can always put on a helmet if you can, but Sirotsay says it can also be difficult to find a helmet in some parts of the world.

If you’re driving and need to use your helmet, try to make sure it’s not too tight.

If glasses are mandatory for bike use, you’ll need a bicycle helmet.

You might also want to consider having your glasses on for safety, Srotsay said.

In some parts, including California and Arizona, cyclists can ride with glasses on, although you must be wearing a helmet.

There are some other states that have passed laws that allow for cyclists to wear glasses on bicycles.

But while helmets are optional, the majority of cyclists don’t need them.

“There are some cyclists that don’t want to wear a helmet but are going to wear it,” Sirosays.

You’ll have to wear these things on your head, but you can use them to protect your eyes if you get into a serious accident or get knocked down,” he says, adding, “you’re not wearing a protective helmet for everybody.

“But for those who want to be sure they’re wearing the right kind of helmet, Srosas recommends that cyclists wear a safety vest or a face shield.

He also suggests that cyclists wearing glasses in cars get a helmet that’s not overly bulky.

The good news, says Siro, is that if the sun gets too close to your eyes, the helmet will deflect some of the sun’s rays and you won’t be blinded.

And while it may not be practical to wear goggles on a bike in a dark parking lot, you can wear them for protection in other settings.”

If you have a bright light coming at you and you don’t have a helmet on, your eyes are getting more sun damage,” he explains.

And if you have to use the car to get to work, wearing glasses might be an important option, Sores says.”

They’re safer.”ABC News’ Katie Rinaldi contributed to this report.

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