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A Murano Glass Watch is a wearable, but not a watch

A Murano Glass Watch is a wearable, but not a watch

It’s not all about the screen.

You can also pair a Murano watch with the phone and watch apps.

We talked with Murano cofounder and CEO Adam Cappuccio about how the company’s technology works, and what you need to know about Murano’s wearable glasses.

“What we are trying to do with Muranos glasses is create a very thin, light, water-resistant, comfortable watch,” Cappucio said.

“It’s also very high-quality, very lightweight, and very, very stylish.”

It’s important to note that Murano isn’t the first company to think of wearable glasses as something you wear while you work or play.

“We have the same vision in the future as people do today,” Capps said.

For example, he believes wearable glasses will be used by many who use glasses to help them concentrate more efficiently.

“In the future, we are looking at many different things that people want, and how they can use them to achieve their goals,” CApps said.

Murano is one of a few companies working on wearable glasses, and it is trying to use the technology to make them more accessible.

Muranos’ glasses, which cost about $250, are made from a material called neodymium.

The glasses are also water-proof, meaning that they are designed to be easily submerged in water.

The company also sells an “extended range” of Murano glasses, but it is currently limited to a few countries.

To date, Murano has been selling its glasses in Japan and South Korea, but Cappuci said it would soon expand its distribution in the US.

The Murano company has received more than 1,200 pre-orders for its glasses.

But the technology isn’t limited to glasses.

Murans glasses can be worn over the phone as well, and Murano CEO Cappucci said that company is working on a smart watch.

“I think we have the technology in place that could make it possible to build a smartwatch, so that it could be a wearable device that you can use on your wrist,” Cappa said.

There’s no word yet on when Murano will launch its new smart watch, but the company says it will launch it by the end of the year.

CappUCio has been talking about the future of wearable technology for some time.

He was a keynote speaker at the MIT Technology Review Awards last year.

“At some point in time, wearable technology will be able to take on the most important tasks of our lives,” Capper said.

In the meantime, Muranos new smart glasses will likely make Murano a popular name among designers and tech entrepreneurs alike.

The technology is just getting started.

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