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Why can’t you just have the old glass doors?

Why can’t you just have the old glass doors?

This is a guest post by Laura DeSoto, author of the blog Post-Olympics Toronto, which is hosted at The Globe and Mail.

Laura, thanks for being here.

I have to ask you about your post about the glass doors.

Is it true that there’s been a lot of glass in the new Olympic venues in the past?

And if so, what’s the reason?

Laura De Soto: Well, it’s true that the new venues are a bit of a surprise to the people who live in those venues, because they’re completely new to them.

The old venues, they were built before the Olympics in the 1960s, which meant they had never had to deal with glass.

The new venues, which are the venues that have been constructed since, they’ve had to go through a whole process that has been very, very challenging.

They’re built of glass and they’re not really designed for that.

They are very, really heavy and they have very strong joints, which means that they can crack easily.

They have also very high ceilings, which makes it very hard for people to get in and out of them.

So, they’re designed for a different kind of use, where they are designed for use by the general public, and people can actually sit down and enjoy the sights and the sounds of the Olympics.

And what’s interesting is that some of the people that live there have actually been very happy with the glass, but the glass is going to have to be replaced.

And I think that’s why people don’t really know about it.

The fact that they’ve been able to live with that and not really feel threatened by it is very encouraging.

The glass is there, and the people living there are very happy, but that’s what makes the problem.

Laura De Santo: So I mean, there’s an argument to be made that if you had a glass roof that you would have been able, because you could see the whole city and the Olympic venues, and if the glass roof was not there, you wouldn’t have been allowed to walk around, right?

Laura de Soto, an Olympic gold medalist in swimming: Yeah.

Laura de Santo is an Olympic swimming gold medal winner in 1998, but she didn’t win the Olympics and didn’t get to compete in them.

She has been living in the Olympic Village since the closing ceremony of the 2012 Games.

She says she and her husband and kids were all over the city, trying to get out of the Olympic Complex and the city and just spend time together.

Laura was also on the media team that covered the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and says she’s happy that she was able to make it to Vancouver.

She said it was the biggest day of her life.

Laura’s been writing about her experience in the Games for a few years now.

She wrote about it in her book, Olympic Memories, and it’s been featured on CBC, and I think her book is now available for free on Amazon.

I think she said something like, if you’re not here, if the Olympics are a way of showing your love for the city that you love, and your passion for the sport that you enjoy, and all the people and the things that are going on in the city.

She really said that.

I mean it was just the greatest experience of my life.

And it was also the greatest thing that ever happened to me, because it really changed my life and it made me a better person.

And, you know, it was kind of the best thing that could have happened to anybody.

Laura is now living in Vancouver, living on the west side of the city in a condo building that she built herself.

She’s also got a second home, a two-bedroom condo that she’s built.

She also has a home in the village, but not yet.

She still lives in the same place where she grew up, and that was a very difficult place to live for her.

I guess the thing that is interesting is the fact that the old Olympic Complex was completely demolished, which was a really, really big loss to the city of Vancouver.

But, you can see from the photos that the glass was still there, so the city is still doing very well and it was really a really great thing for Vancouver.

And the people are still very happy and the infrastructure is still in place and it will be a wonderful place to go to, if that’s your dream.

I know it’s hard to see the new buildings as the most beautiful thing, but what I like to see is how you guys have built these beautiful buildings, you guys are really trying to bring something beautiful to the area.

Laura said that she and the other Olympians were a bit disappointed by the fact there weren’t a lot more windows in the old buildings.

Laura says that there was one window that was actually a window in the gym, and there was

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