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Google Glass will make glasses a lot cheaper, says new report

Google Glass will make glasses a lot cheaper, says new report

By PAUL J. RICHARDSON BBC SportThe world’s biggest tech company has released its latest wearable technology, which it says will help people cope with the stress of living in the digital world.

The company’s new Glass Block will fit into your pocket and provide 360-degree vision to let you take photos and videos.

The device is the latest product to hit the market and has been designed to work with Google Glass, a wearable computer which can be worn to view images and videos, as well as to send messages and messages to people.

The new Glass Blocks come with sensors and sensors for audio and video, which Google says will be able to provide a range of useful services.

“In addition to being able to watch movies, play games, listen to music, watch video, watch TV, and much more, Glass Block is designed to provide even more personalised experiences,” the company said in a statement.

“Glass Block will provide the ability to take photos, video and more and will work with all of Google’s services.”

Glass Blocks have a wider range of sensors than previous versions, with the latest version coming with a camera sensor with a 3D lens.

The latest version of Glass will be available to buy on September 18.

Google Glass is a smartphone-sized wearable computer that has a camera and microphone that can read facial expressions and track your movement.

It also has a webcam that can take photos at up to 180 degrees.

Glass Blocks are made from glass and include a microphone and a camera, and are meant to fit over glasses.

The Glass Blocks can also be used to take pictures and video using the Google Glass camera.

It is not clear how much the company’s technology will cost.

The latest version costs $2,500 (£1,300) but Google is also launching a second, cheaper version.

The cost of the Glass Blocks comes down to about $100 (£66) and the company says the product will be cheaper than previous models.

Google has already launched a pair of Glass Blocks and is expected to launch a third one at the end of the year.

Google has already announced a series of new products that will allow people to interact with their environment, such as the Google Earth app.

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