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FourFour Two’s FourFour: ‘Glass is a little bit like an app’

FourFour Two’s FourFour: ‘Glass is a little bit like an app’

FourFourOne’s FourTwo: ‘There’s this feeling of familiarity with the app that is not only in your smartphone, but also in the experience that it provides.’

In that sense, it’s like an extension of your smartphone.

It’s like a tablet, but it’s also like a big screen.’

 (FourFourOne)  “That’s where we feel that the user experience is going to be really important,” he said.

“You want it to feel like you’re actually sitting on the device in front of you, but you’re not looking at it, you’re looking at the app.”

If you have a lot of interaction between the app and the screen, you will get more use of the app than if you have it just in front and away from you.”‘

Glass is not a mobile app’FourFourTwo’s FourFive: ‘We are not trying to disrupt the mobile app market’  FourFive’s FourSix: ‘You don’t need to worry about that’ The reason for this, FourFour said, was that the experience with Glass “doesn’t require the user to get up out of the bed to interact with the device.””

You’re just looking at what you’re interacting with,” he explained.”

We are actually not trying be a mobile application.

Glass is a tablet-like experience that you interact with on the desktop.” 

‘You don´t need to be in the same room as your smartphone’While it does require you to have the device on your desk, there is a “room” where Glass is not limited to.”

It’s the same for your home,” he continued.”

There are lots of ways to interact and use Glass, but the best way to do that is to have it on your smartphone.”(FourFive) ‘Glass isn’t an app.

We are a tablet.’

(FourSix)’Glass doesn’t need the user in the room.’

FourFive has been developing the device for more than a year, with four iterations to date, and has had to adapt to its “wider and wider” potential user demographic.”

‘The best way is to use the app’A key part of making Glass work for the majority of users is to make it “easier” to use it than its traditional desktop counterparts.””

If we don’t have that in mind, we’ll get stuck.”

‘The best way is to use the app’A key part of making Glass work for the majority of users is to make it “easier” to use it than its traditional desktop counterparts.

“One of the biggest challenges for us has been the user interface,” he pointed out.

“What we’ve done with Glass is make it easier to use.

We’ve made it feel like a smartphone, so we’ve made the app feel like the iPad, so it’s just a matter of making it easier for you to use.””

So, we’ve put in a lot more visual content on the screen than it would have in a tablet,” he added.”

For example, we have a bunch of icons, like notifications and the notifications are there right there.”

That way, if you get a notification, you can tap the icon and it will pop up, you don’t even have to go to the app, just tap it and you can interact with it.”‘

It’s a way to help people focus on the content on screen’ FourFourFive said Glass’ biggest advantage is that it allows people to “focus on the things that they are focusing on” in the “real world.””

In our experience, people who are really active are using Glass a lot better than people who aren’t,” he noted.”

A lot of people who work on their smartphones, if they’re not in the office or they’re on the train or whatever, they’re still not really engaged in the activities they’re doing.”‘

You can interact and do things with Glass’The key to a successful Glass experience, said FourFive, is “not just what’s on the tablet, what’s happening in the phone, but what’s actually happening on the phone.”

When you get Glass, it gives you a lot in the way of an app,” he went on.”

Now, if I’m sitting in a hotel room, that’s not the way that I’m supposed to be.

So Glass gives me this visual feedback.”

I can tap on the icon, tap on a notification.

If I’m doing some stuff with my phone, it just goes up and I get that visual feedback.””

If I’m in a meeting and I have Glass, I can interact by just looking around the room.

” ‘If you don´T have a mobile phone, Glass isn’t that important.’

The key, said Mr. FourFive of Glass’ “focus,” is “on the content” rather than the “apps.””

We don’t want people to get so invested in the apps that they don’t actually want to

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