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Why are gunnar glasses and cat eye lenses important?

Why are gunnar glasses and cat eye lenses important?

By the end of the month, the NHL will have its first full season of the new, new look NHL helmet.

The NHL announced the helmets last week, and while there are still some questions surrounding the helmets, it appears that the helmets will have some interesting new features.

The first big addition to the NHL’s helmets will be the new cat eye lens, a new type of helmet that allows for better vision in the eye.

The cat eye has been around for years, and the league has experimented with cat eyes since its inception.

It’s not the first type of cat eye to be released, but it’s certainly one that’s the most visually appealing.

The cat eye is basically a large, flat, transparent piece of glass that’s attached to the eye and has a special mechanism that allows the cat eye wearer to see through it.

The mechanism, which is designed to help the wearer see more clearly, is located on the outside of the helmet.

The helmet will also include a new gunnar lens, which will allow for more than just a narrow field of vision.

The gunnar is a device that is used in the hockey world to help with vision in certain areas of the eye, and it can help with peripheral vision.

This is actually a feature that the new helmets will not include, but the NHL has stated that this is what it is going to be called.

The new helmet will have a single lens that sits in between the two lenses, and will have no real difference in the way that the helmet functions.

The new helmet has some notable features as well.

The helmet will come with two different eye protection options.

One will have the new gunnaor lens, and one will not.

The gunsnare lens will be a larger version of the original gunnaors, which means that it will be slightly wider than the original, which can make the helmet look a little bit more bulky.

The goggles are going to have a larger lens that will sit in between one lens and the other, and that lens will allow the wearer to take off the goggles, making the helmet much more comfortable.

The goggles are not new to the league, but there are a couple of things that will make the goggles much more interesting than they are currently.

One of those features is the goggles themselves.

The NHL has been working on a new, more flexible, visor that will be used on the new helmet.

This visor, which has a lot of flexibility, will allow players to have some of their vision and peripheral vision more clear than it currently is.

It will be called the visor of the future.

The other major addition to these helmets will come from the face shield.

The face shield will be one of the first things players will see in the new NHL helmet when it comes out.

It has a number of new features, but for the most part, it’s the same visor.

The face shield, however, has two new features that will not be in the helmet, one of which is the new visor in the visorel.

The visorele is an old technology that was invented by a team of engineers that developed the visors that we see in hockey helmets.

It was invented back in the 1990s and it’s one of those things that’s been around since the early 2000s.

The goal of the visored face shield is to allow for a wider field of view, which helps with peripheral sight.

The visorell has been in use for years in other sports, and they’ve been used in sports that have been designed to give you peripheral vision, but not as wide of a field of sight as the helmet has.

This means that the visores in the helmets we see today, like the ones in baseball, basketball, and soccer, are all designed to allow players with limited peripheral vision to have the ability to see their teammates better than they can with the same glasses.

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