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The perfect bottle of whiskey glasses for the home

The perfect bottle of whiskey glasses for the home

I have been making whiskey glasses in my house for years, and I am always looking for new designs to try.

This time I was inspired to try something different and a bottle glass was the perfect solution.

I really liked the look of the bottle glass and I wanted to give it a little twist.

I ended up making my own whiskey glass for about $60, and it was amazing!

I am now going to share my recipe and share the results with you.

This DIY whiskey glass is really easy to make and is perfect for any home.

I had to cut down the size to fit my drinking glass.

You can find the exact recipe here:  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/dave-janes/whisKEY-glass-design-whisKey_b_12172490.html This DIY Whiskey Glass design WhisKey Glass design is designed by D.J. Janes, owner of Whiskey Kitchen in Brooklyn.

He has over 20 years experience as a bartender and also has a degree in culinary arts.

He writes and speaks on topics related to whiskey, spirits, food and more.

He also has been featured on CNN, Fox News, the Oprah Winfrey Show and more and has sold over 150 million whiskeys since 2010. 

You can see his latest whiskey glass design on his website:  https://whiskeyskitchen.com.

The WhiskeyGlassDesigns.com website contains information about the design process, materials and more:  https://www1.whiskeeskitchen3.com/. 

To learn more about WhiskeyKitchen, visit http. 

The design of the whiskey glass will also be shown on the whisksnow.com video series Whiskey Making, which will be airing on ABC, ABC Family, and other networks this summer. 

More articles about whiskey glasses: http- https://thehuff.com/-mw8zw2-n/top-5-designs-for-a-whisky-glass/#storylink=cpy

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